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Medium Voltage Cell Repair

EMA Inc.EMA regularly repairs medium voltage cells. We have load test stands for Toshiba T300MVi power cells, Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony power cells and Eaton SC9000 power cells.

VFD And DC Drive Repair

EMA has experience working with almost every kind of electrical drive in the world. When it comes to drives, we have direct experience with dozens of manufacturers worldwide. Whether it’s a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) or an older DC drive, we are the best in the business at repairing VFDs and DC drives.

We offer free, no obligation evaluations and guarantee all the repair work we do.

GE Multilin Repair

EMA Inc.EMA repairs GE Multilins. We repair the Multilin 469, the Multilin 750 and most others. We developed an in-house test stand for these, so we know all elements of the Multilin have been properly checked.

Servo Repair

EMA specializes in LTi (formerly Lust) servos as used in a range of applications from wind farms to industrial plants and everything in between. Trust us to do your servo repairs, and we will not let you down.

SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier), Thyristor Assemblies

EMA has experience in repairing and rebuilding thyristor assemblies, including SCRs, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contact us today to discuss your specific circumstances.