EMA Inc.

Field Service, Shop Service, Or Preventive Maintenance

When you need service, either planned or in an emergency, EMA can be trusted to come through, at a fair price, and on a tight schedule.

Our Services Fall Into Three Categories:

1. Field Service

An expert technician or engineer from EMA will come to your site and perform the work you need. Whether it’s VFD or DC drives, controls, PLC troubleshooting, or anything else that needs attention with your system, we’ve seen just about everything.

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EMA Inc.2. Shop Repair

Send in your equipment for repairs, and we will perform a free diagnostic and give you a quote at no cost. We repair VFD and DC drives, servos, industrial touch screen monitors, power supplies, circuit boards, and more.

Our satisfaction ratings are the best in the business, and due to our expert staff, we are often able to repair equipment that other companies either can’t fix or won’t make the effort to fix.

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EMA Inc.3. Preventive Maintenance

Instead of waiting for costly damage and downtime to happen to you, let EMA perform preventive maintenance on your systems to substantially reduce the instances of expensive, emergency breakdowns.

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