EMA Inc.

EMA Inc.There is more attention on finding energy savings and ensuring appropriate power quality than ever before–and for good reason.

The relatively simple steps required to optimize power quality and reduce energy usage have the potential to generate large cost savings, not only by reducing energy costs but by preventing damage and lengthening the lifespan of equipment.


EMA Inc.Surge Protection, Harmonic Analysis And Correction

Dirty power is everywhere, and nuisance glitches in computers and PLCs, along with lighting ballast failures can often be attributed to surges. EMA sells and installs Trebor Power surge protection devices, which are among the most reliable and cost-effective in the world. Surge protectors are an inexpensive solution to maintenance and downtime caused by faulty power.


EMA Inc.Harmonics are induced into power systems by non-linear loads, such as drives, and if they are of sufficient amplitude, can cause everything from wasted energy to damaged equipment. Harmonic current is real, but it’s useless, damaging and wasted current, as opposed to the useful current that is powering your motors, illuminating your facility or maintaining your environment. Correcting harmonic distortion is one way of reducing your energy bills, not to mention eliminating potential damage to your system. EMA sells the TCI family of both passive and active harmonic filters.

EMA can analyze and recommend solutions to power line harmonics in order to prevent that waste and damage. If you suspect this might be a problem for your systems, contact us today to discuss an analysis from EMA.