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Water Treatment: Making America Great

(Eddie Mayfield is the President of EMA, a company specializing in Electronic Motor Controls with particular expertise in Water and Water Treatment facilities) I had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow a few years ago.  Both are beautiful cities, much nicer than I anticipated.  St Petersburg, with its beautiful art and history is striking.  I was amazed at how picturesque Red Square in Moscow was.  Both cities were great to visit, the people were wonderful, and I hope

Rockwell Allen Bradley Powerflex 7000 Shorting Issue

We recently had a customer sustain significant damage on their 2500 HP Allen Bradley Powerflex 7000 medium voltage VFD due to degraded rubber O-rings designed for reducing noise between the SGCT and the heat sink it sits on. After some digging, we found this to be a known problem in this Rockwell medium voltage VFD. In November of 2016 an engineering note was released in the Rockwell Knowledge base regarding the Powerflex 7000 medium voltage VFD: note 969771 states: “In

Medium Voltage VFD Field Service

Field Service on Medium Voltage VFDs

Our primary business has become field service on medium voltage VFDs. If you need Field Service on a medium voltage VFD..

Medium voltage VFD (MV) quick delivery

Medium Voltage VFD (MV) Quick Delivery

We have a number of medium voltage VFDs in stock for quick and even immediate delivery. Horsepower ranges from 500 to 3500 horsepower. Some of these medium voltage VFDs are reconditioned units with a full warranty, and some are factory new. All are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You are welcome to inspect them at our Norcross, GA, (Atlanta) facility. We’ll also be happy to send you pictures.