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Remote Monitoring of Critical VFDs and Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are often used on critical applications in remote locations. Examples of remote and critical VFD applications would be oil and gas pipelines, water treatment and pumping, and oil production. Remote monitoring of these units can be of paramount importance.


Pipeline Medium Voltage VFD Specifications Overview

We’re seeing increased inquiries regarding pipeline VFD specifications for pipeline VFD applications. The following is a general overview that may prove helpful. We cover Siemens, Allen Bradly, Yaskawa, Toshiba and Nidec (Ansaldo).


PQube3 VFD Remote Monitoring Tool

Per the IEEE, electrical equipment that regularly undergoes preventive maintenance is less likely to fail compared to equipment not subjected to preventive maintenance. See our blogs on preventive maintenance.

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Field Service and Repair on Toshiba T300MVI Medium Voltage VFD

The Toshiba T300MVI medium voltage VFD is a popular drive, and we offer field service and repair, including power cell repairs.

Toshiba t300MVI in stock

Toshiba T300MVI 2000 HP Medium Voltage VFD in Stock

We have two brand new, unused, Toshiba T300MVI 2000 HP Medium Voltage VFDs in stock. These are from a cancelled project, were never installed and will carry a full warranty.

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Predictive Medium Voltage VFD Maintenance Webinars from EMA

It’s amazing how many webinars we do each month around here. The most popular one we do is “Predictive Maintenance on Medium Voltage VFDs”

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Why Preventive Predictive Maintenance on Pipeline VFDs?.

Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives ( VFD ) are commonplace in pipeline applications. Many of these have been in uninterrupted service for years, but there are times when preventive or predictive maintenance is a good idea on pipeline VFDs.

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Two Day VFD Troubleshooting School

EMA is presenting a two day troubleshooting seminar on VFDs on March 21 and 22 in Cortland, NY. Training is one of our most requested services.


Medium Voltage VFDs in E Houses

The cost of a medium voltage VFD project involves more than just the medium voltage variable frequency drive (VFD). Putting the drive in an E House is often a viable solution.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving as a business practice

A young man from Korea recently taught a training class at our Georgia facility. At dinner that evening we asked him about the Thanksgiving holiday, and what he knew about it. He knew almost nothing about that, but then said, “tell me about this black Friday.” He even went so far as to say, that he’d like to delay his return so he could participate.