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Toshiba surplus t300mvi VFD

Surplus (Unused) Toshiba T300MVi 2000 HP VFDs

EMA presently has two (02) 2000 HP Toshiba T300MVi Medium Voltage Vfds for sale.

2500 HP refurbished VFD shipping out

Reconditioned medium voltage (MV) VFDs

The market for reconditioned / refurbished medium voltage (MV) VFDs is growing, and we have a number in stock.


25,000 HP Medium Voltage VFD (Nidec / Ansaldo)

Nidec (formerly Ansaldo) makes a medium voltage VFD with a rating of 25,000 HP. This is a voltage source VFD. (almost everyone else making a 25,000 HP VFD is using a current source VFD)

capacitor bank failure

Medium Voltage VFD Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PM)

Per the IEEE, the failure rate is 3 times higher for electrical systems that are not subjected to a regular PM program. Since medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFD) not only have high costs, but are difficult to readily replace, a medium voltage VFD PM program makes a lot of economic sense.


We buy used and surplus medium voltage (MV) Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Here at EMA, we purchase used and surplus medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFD). We also recondition and sell medium voltage VFDs, and have significant stocks on them.

Irrigation VFD

Agriculture, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD s) and Irrigation

We’ve been putting Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs in agriculture and irrigation projects for a long time. It isn’t a new idea or technology by any means, but using VFDs for irrigation is gaining wider and wider acceptance.


Medium Voltage VFD Repair Service: Bigger than ever

Medium Voltage VFD repair services are an ever increasing part of EMA’s business. That wasn’t true just a few short years ago, but now medium voltage VFD repairs are our largest income stream.


VFD s STILL save energy, a lot of it.

VFDs save energy on centrifugal applications, where you don’t need to run at full speed all the time. Even a relatively small reduction in speed, can result in an exponential reduction in energy cost.

EMA Inc.

Repair and Service Waste Water / Water Treatment VFD s

VFD s are often found in Water and Waste Water Treatment facilities. You often find both low voltage and high voltage vfd s.


Troubleshooting: The Art of Maintenance

We’ve all seen it; the engineer or technician knows his stuff but somehow, he just can’t seem to get things repaired or resolve problems. What is it?