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Service Call: Motor won’t run in bypass

Recently a customer requested a VFD with a bypass option to replace a thirty year old stand-alone VFD for his HVAC application. A bypass option permits the motor to be started across the line in the event the VFD fails.


Intelligent Pump Controllers

A number of companies have pump controls on the market. We’ve designed, installed, and worked on many of them over the years, ranging from irrigation systems to waste water facilities to HVAC water pumps. VFD s have been routinely applied to pumps both for saving energy, and for offering better process control In the past, you commonly sold a drive, and a pump controller, but in recent times, the pump controller has become part of the drive package.


Energy Savings with Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) have long been recognized as a viable way to reduce the energy consumed by 3 phase electric motors. Despite the proven history of this, many plant engineers and building operators have never taken the time to fully appreciate the tremendous cost savings that are possible.


Medical Air

EMA recently designed and manufactured a number of small controllers for Medical Air Solutions. These small units control the speed of a small fan used in critical medical environments.

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Saftronics Manuals available for download

Looking for hard to find Saftronics technical manuals? EMA has a number of them online that you can download. Click here for an index. Looking for other hard to find technical data on drives and controls? Well, email us. We’re in the process of putting a number of them online, but will email them to you now at no charge.

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VFD Troubleshooting

Modern Variable Frequency Drives are complex. By the mid 80’s, almost all VFDs had adopted microprocessors as their primary design architecture.

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Give it Time by Dr. John Maxwell

John Maxwell is a noted author and a highly regarded leadership guru.. We’re honored to present a short but insightful leadership article that John has been kind enough to allow us to use.

Net the village: Combat malaria in Mali west Africa

I’m privileged to serve on the board of directors of Mission 10:14, a Christian faith based ministry to Mali. Mali is a poor country in west Africa, and one of the major health concerns is malaria. Malaria is spread by mosquitoes, and one proven and simple technique to greatly reduce the spread is mosquito nets.

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Dead in the Shed.. Why priorities matter.. by Dr. J. Mike Minnix

Let me share a true story with you that illustrates how important it is to prioritize in the correct manner.

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Humility: The common trait of great leaders

Several of us at EMA were privileged to attend the Atlanta leadership conference sponsored by the ChickFilet company. My favorite speaker there was Jim Collins. I always get something from what he says.