EMA Inc.
Toshiba T300MVi

Refurbished (un-used) Toshiba T300 MVI Medium Voltage VFDs

EMA has acquired 9 1000 HP medium voltage Toshiba T300MVI VFDs. We are refurbishing and testing the units, which will carry a full warranty. We expect to have the first two ready to ship on or about November 20th.

Yaskawa E7 VFD

We’re increasing medium voltage VFD and low voltage VFD stock

EMA began as a service company, doing drive and VFD service for a national customer base. At first, we rarely stocked any VFD equipment, although we did usually carry VFD parts. However, we now stock a large number of both low voltage and medium voltage VFDs, available for immediate shipment.


Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony VFD repairs

EMA repairs Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony medium Voltage VFD s. We have the power cells in stock and have a great reputation in this field.


Energy Savings using Medium Voltage VFD

The concept of using variable frequency drives to reduce energy costs is well established. Depending on which survey you read, around 80% of VFD s sold are sold, at least in part, for the purposes of saving energy. No serious person questions the fact that AC Drives save energy.

LSIS Drive Stock

LG VFD is now LS Drives or LS Industrial Systems

EMA has always been privileged to have service relationships with some of the finest drive companies in the world. To list a few.. we have service relationships with WEG, with Toshiba, with Hitachi, with Danfoss, with LTI Servos, with Yaskawa, and most recently, with LS Industrial Systems, or LS Drives.


Robicon Perfect Harmony Capacitor Failures

People operating the Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD often don’t realize the need for replacing the bus capacitors after 7 years of operation. The chance of a bus capacitor failure increases exponentially after 7 years of operation due to degradation of the electrolyte and dielectric material. The situation is exacerbated by increased heat. If the bus caps fail, it can result in damage to the input rectifier section of the cell and the IGBTs, resulting in the line


“Cookie Cutter” VFD solutions are not always the answer

Variable Frequency Drive applications are rarely identical, even though at first glance, the VFD applications may look similar.


VFD in Outdoor Enclosure

VFD s can be provided either in a free standing NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure, OR, in what’s termed an “E-House.”


Mine VFD: Variable Frequency Drives in mining

VFD s in mining operations are becoming more and more common. EMA has both sold and serviced the mine VFDs.

used VFD

Used VFDs for Sale

EMA carries a variety of used and refurbished VFDs that are available for immediate delivery. At the moment we have up to 300 HP ready for shipment, but the used inventory varies almost daily.