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EMA ‘s Rebecca Zeeuw top 1% most viewed Linkedin profiles

Top 1% Most Viewed @ LinkedIn Profiles for 2012 Thank you for making my profile one of the top 1% most viewed at LinkedIn for 2012! http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-zeeuw/27/135/49a/

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Predictive Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance: A Strategy for Maximum Asset Utilization and Cost Reduction: By Dave Thomas, EMA


Service on an Oil Pipeline Robicon Perfect Harmony VFD

EMA does a fair amount of service for pipeline companies, and in particular on their medium voltage VFDs. This particular call was in Houston, Texas on a Robicon Perfect Harmony 4160 volt medium voltage variable frequency drive.

Christmas Song

A Fun Christmas Song: “Some Assembly Required”

There are plenty of Christmas songs around; and I love singing almost all Christmas song. Most Christmas songs are either about the birth of the Messiah, Santa Claus, or fun and family. And all of that is wonderful. But, Steve Pritchard and I decided to write a song about those three words that every Dad fears on Christmas eve.. “some assembly required.”

Yaskawa E7

Yaskawa E7 VFDs in Stock while they last

EMA purchased a large inventory of the popular Yaskawa E7 HVAC drive. As many of you know, this product is being discontinued.

VFD Field Service Technician

Medium Voltage VFD On Site Training

On site training on 4160 volt medium voltage VFD s is hard to find. EMA began providing this service for a select group of customers. Right now, we can offer this on the Toshiba MV300 medium voltage vfd, on the Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage vfd, on the WEG MVW 01 medium voltage VFD, and on the Allen Bradley Powerflex 7000 medium voltage vfd.


Assembling and commissioning a WEG MV01 medium voltage VFD

Abdou Barrow recently had to re-assemble a WEG MV01 medium voltage VFD that had been taken apart at a distant site, and then commission the VFD. The following is his account of this unusual call.

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Commissioning a Toshiba medium voltage VFD T300MVi in a coal mine

EMA recently started a Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage vfd in a coal mine. The following is a service report which should be of interest to anyone purchasing, considering, or operating medium voltage variable frequency drives.


Rafting the Grand Canyon

Everyone that visits the Grand Canyon for the first time has the same reaction. If going to the Grand Canyon South Rim from Flagstaff, you drive through a generally nondescript countryside, enter the Grand Canyon National Park, get out of the car, and walk up to the Grand Canyon overlook. A breathless “WOW” is the most common response.

EMA Inc.

Medium Voltage VFD Repair and Service

EMA is a nationally known and recognized repair center for medium voltage VFDs. We provide field service, preventive maintenance, new medium voltage VFD s, and application assistance. No One is better at this than we are.