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Technical Support after the VFD sale

You did your homework, researched the various manufacturers, checked out the features to ensure the product will meet your needs, and made your purchase. However, did you consider service after the sale?

EMA Toshiba Medium Voltage VFD

Starting a VFD.. quick and easy

At EMA we start a LOT of VFDs , and on top of that, we help a lot of others start VFDs over the phone.

EMA Inc.

7000 HP Medium Voltage VFD for sale

EMA has a lead on an unused 4160 volt 7000 HP Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage VFD for sale.

Large Horsepower VFD

VFD Repair: Highest measured customer satisfaction level

EMA is a major repair center for VFD s of nearly all brands. While the cost of new VFDs has made repairing smaller units uneconomical at times, our repair shop continues to repair VFDs in considerable numbers, especially high horsepower VFDs.

medium voltage phase shifting transformer

Refurbishing and modifying Medium Voltage VFDs

EMA is in the process of refurbishing and modifying a set of medium voltage VFDs, changing them from a 3300 VAC input to a 4160 VAC input.

CO2 compressor at Fasken Oil Ranch

Toshiba T300MVI Medium Voltage VFD Oil Field Compressor

With the advancements in technology, VFD manufacturers have made low voltage VFD’s user friendly and interface-easy to a point that most electrically inclined customers can start up their own low voltage VFDs. This is not the case on Medium Voltage VFDs. The potential for damage to the equipment and personnel could be huge when it comes to Medium Voltage VFDs. This equipment is sophisticated enough to require a professional start up.

When should you use a VFD as a Softstarter?

A VFD can be used as a softstarter. Medium and low voltage softstarters are less expensive than medium or low voltage variable frequency drives (VFD) . If a softstarter will do the job, then that’s often all you need. However, at EMA, we’ve seen situations where a softstarter was purchased and installed, only to discover that it would not start the load. Here’s why.

Toshiba T300MVi

Refurbished (un-used) Toshiba T300 MVI Medium Voltage VFDs

EMA has acquired 9 1000 HP medium voltage Toshiba T300MVI VFDs. We are refurbishing and testing the units, which will carry a full warranty. We expect to have the first two ready to ship on or about November 20th.

Yaskawa E7 VFD

Medium voltage VFD low voltage VFD in stock

EMA began as a service company, doing drive and VFD service for a national customer base. At first, we rarely stocked any VFD equipment, although we did usually carry VFD parts. However, we now stock a large number of both low voltage and medium voltage VFDs, available for immediate shipment.


Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony VFD repairs

EMA repairs Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmony medium Voltage VFD s. We have the power cells in stock and have a great reputation in this field.