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Medium Voltage VFD Field Service

Replace bus caps Siemens Robicon medium voltage VFD

It is well documented that VFD bus caps have a limited life, and at some point need to be replaced. (See Capacitors: The Ticking Time Bomb) That’s especially true for high horsepower medium voltage VFDs such as the Robicon Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD.

VFD Field Service

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Field Service

(We have an opening for a VFD Field Service Tech in our Norcross, GA facility.. email us at employment@emainc.net )EMA has been doing nationwide field service on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for more than 20 years. During that time we’ve seen the type of VFD field service calls we get change quite a bit.


LSMV Medium Voltage VFD now on market

The LSMV medium voltage VFD is now available for sale within the United States. Here at EMA we’re always interested in new medium voltage and low voltage VFDs that hit the marketplace. The following is taken primarily from LSDrives.com about the new LSMV medium voltage VFD.


Siemens/Robicon 460D60.05A Power Cell 3000 HP Medium Voltage VFD

We have a large Siemens / Robicon Perfect Harmony Power Cell in stock for a 3000 HP medium Voltage VFD. Part Number 460D60.05.

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Innovations in Industrial Process Control

The term Process Control covers a lot of ground. In the past, most of it dominated by Allen Bradley who did a good job of driving the industry with their PLCs, interfaces, and networks. However, that is changing.


Replacement for Allen Bradley PLC valve acuators

EMA has experienced great success is using the Bardac Smarty controller to integrate with existing PLC programs, such as Allen Bradley PLC networks, with greatly reduced costs, and better performance.

Moog DPS Drive Control Board

Moog DBS Drive Repairs

EMA routinely repairs the Moog DBS drive. The following is a short over-view of that process, performed in EMA’s Cortland, NY facility.

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Protocol Conversion using the Bardac Speedy

Many industrial processes use Allen Bradley (AB) PLC s. The plants often feel they are stuck with using the Allen Bradley equipment even for add-ons due both to the complexity of the Allen Bradley networks, and the cost of a new network . Not to mention that their existing AB PLC network is stable and reliable.


Technical Support after the VFD sale

You did your homework, researched the various manufacturers, checked out the features to ensure the product will meet your needs, and made your purchase. However, did you consider service after the sale?

EMA Toshiba Medium Voltage VFD

Starting a VFD.. quick and easy

At EMA we start a LOT of VFDs , and on top of that, we help a lot of others start VFDs over the phone.