EMA Inc.

EMA Inc.We offer a wide range of AC (VFD or Variable Frequency Drives) and DC drives. We also offer medium voltage AC drives. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find drive, your search is over. For a specific drive brochure or pricing, just contact us either on-line or via phone, and we’ll email you at once. We also have limited stocks of reconditioned drives. Visit our EBAY store for a current listing.

The Drive Experts

Electronic motor drives are EMA’s core business. There was a time when drives were only found in complex industrial machinery, but that has changed. Our drive engineers were doing drives back when, to paraphrase a country song, “drives weren’t cool.” Motor drives are now found in almost every conceivable industry and facility type. From oil production platforms to commercial buildings, motor drives offer a reliable, cost-effective and efficient way to control electric motor speed and torque.

We offer a wide range of variable speed motor drives (VFDs), DC drives, servos, pump controllers and other specialized controllers. We sell only the highest quality equipment from brands such as Toshiba, Yaskawa, WEG, LTi, Parker SSD, Schneider Electric, and others. We sell both low voltage and medium voltage variable frequency drives. 

Anyone these days can sell you a drive in a box, but when you face technical issues with the application, they are nowhere to be found. EMA, on the other hand, provides not only drive equipment but drive solutions. Service is important. Not every drive is a fit for every application, and making a mistake in this area can cost both downtime and administrative headaches. With EMA and our highly rated service, you avoid that.

Soft Starters

EMA Inc.

Soft starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The motor torque produced is limited to the load requirements so that the starting current is as low as possible.

This has many benefits. It reduces inrush current and lowers demand charges, protects motors and reduces mechanical wear and tear, and in pump applications, stops the water hammer. In many cases, soft starters cost the same as standard contactors. Call us today to discuss whether soft starters would be a good fit for you. 

EMA Inc.Harmonic Filters

EMA sells TCI Active and Passive Harmonic Filters. Harmonics are an increasing concern for facilities interested in power quality. Drives and other non-linear loads produce harmonics at odd multiples of the line frequency, which can cause transient noise issues on sensitive equipment, damage to transformers, excessive heat, nuisance fuse blowing, circuit breaker tripping and wasted energy. Passive filters are essentially tuned traps that absorb the damaging harmonics, while active filters actually provide corrective current to eliminate harmonics. Active filters also work to correct power factor problems caused by reactive currents. Harmonic currents are useless and damaging currents, unlike the useful currents which power your equipment and light your facility. Harmonic filters are a reliable, easy to install and effective way to clean up your power.