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7000 HP Medium Voltage VFD for sale

EMA has a lead on an unused 4160 volt 7000 HP Toshiba T300MVi medium voltage VFD for sale.This Toshiba T300 MVI medium voltage VFD is available for an immediate sale at great pricing. The T300MVi Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive is the most advanced medium voltage VFD in the industry. We don’t think any other drive in the market compares. It has a PWM 5-level design, which allows for a smaller size, reduced component count and a lower cost. The T300MVi can use the existing motors and is works with all power systems. In addition, it is one of the safest Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives on the market. (Read about the Medium Voltage Drive market)

The drive has a built in disconnect, vacuum contactors, and transformer, which allows for much lower installation costs. Plus, this medium voltage VFD can take up to a 15,000 VAC input and provide a 4160 VAC output. This often eliminates a very costly step down transformer. VFDs save substantial energy and on higher horsepowers, the paybacks can be tremendous.

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It’s very rare to find a 7000 HP medium voltage VFD of any sort available for quick delivery. IF you have a need, you can save quite a bit of money and time.

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