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Medium voltage VFD low voltage VFD in stock

EMA began as a service company, doing drive and VFD service for a national customer base. At first, we rarely stocked any VFD equipment, although we did usually carry VFD parts. However, we now stock a large number of both low voltage and medium voltage VFDs, available for immediate shipment. VFD stockFactory delivery times have increased on almost all horsepower ranges for VFDs. Customers often need the VFDs for immediate delivery, and in an effort to meet those needs, EMA now carries stocks of both low voltage and medium voltage VFDs.

Toshiba Medium Voltage VFD

Most of our VFD stock is 480 Volt or 4160 volt. We normally have some 230 volt units in stock, but the demand for them is small. We are awaiting stock on 9 1000 HP Toshiba medium voltage VFDs, and expect them here within a few weeks.


We think in terms of both delivery and price on VFDs, that we are unbeatable. Find your nearest EMA facility at the bottom of this page, or better yet, hit one of the contact icons on the right.

Don’t call anyone else for a medium voltage VFD, or a low voltage VFD until you talk with us. In addition to selling this equipment, we are still the best service company in the United States. Don’t believe it? Just ask our customers!

EMA.. No-one, anywhere, is better at drives than we are.

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