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VFD in Outdoor Enclosure

VFD s can be provided either in a free standing NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure, OR, in what’s termed an “E-House.”VFD in e-houseEMA can provide almost any drive in a NEMA 3R outdoor configuration, and in partnership with Lectrus in Chattanooga can provide a VFD and its affiliated switchgear in an E-House configuration. Medium Voltage VFD s, due to their size, are often better housed in an E-House, although Toshiba does sell their medium voltage VFD in a Nema 3R configuration. (EMA both sells and services Toshiba medium voltage VFDs)

A single low voltage VFD is often most cost efficient to provide in a NEMA 3R configuration, but if you have more than one, a VFD E-House may be a better option.

In addition, if you need the units to have positive pressure for a hazardous environment, an E-House is often a better solution.

Regardless, if you have a VFD application that needs an outdoor enclosure, both low and medium voltage, EMA is who you should call first. We have the highest measured customer satisfaction of anyone in the drive industry. Contact us by hitting the icon at the bottom right, OR call 800-848-2504800-848-2504.

No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.

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