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Used VFDs for Sale

EMA carries a variety of used and refurbished VFDs that are available for immediate delivery. At the moment we have up to 300 HP ready for shipment, but the used inventory varies almost daily. used VFDUsed and reconditioned VFDs fit a niche in the market, and EMA has been supplying used VFDs for some time. All used VFDs sold by EMA are tested thoroughly. Some carry a full warranty, and some do not, depending upon the equipment, its age, and price.

People buy used VFDs for a variety of reasons:

They have similar equipment operating and want to be consistent.

The particular horsepower or feature they need isn’t available in a timely fashion as a new VFD

They wish to save money.

Regardless of your motivation for buying a used VFD, you should ALWAYS contact EMA before buying off an online auction or anywhere else that doesn’t test or support the equipment.

No One, Anywhere is better at drives than we are. Contact us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of this page, email us, or call 800-848-2504800-848-2504.

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