Yaskawa MV1000 2000 HP medium voltage VFD in stock

We have a brand new Yaskawa MV1000 2000 HP medium voltage VFD in stock for immediate delivery.  This is a 4160 volt drive.  

Yaskawa MV 1000 medium voltage VFDThe Yaskawa MV1000 features  Yaskawa’s Smart Harmonics™ Technology input isolation transformer and 9 level output for 4kV drives (17 level line-to-line).  This makes the biggest traditional issue with the application of MV drives all but disappear.

The Yaskawa MV1000 medium voltage VFD features a unique output stage using an enhanced Cascaded H-Bridge configuration.  This reduces the number of power cells by half, providing a very clean output waveform to the motor, without the need for additional filters or reactors.

This allows this medium voltage VFD to be applied to existing motors, and long cable lengths.

The MV1000 also has one of the nicest and user friendly customer interfaces we’ve seen.  In fact, if you’ve programmed one of Yaskawa’s low voltage VFDs, you can program this one.

This is a rugged design, with an expected field MTBF greater than 200,000 Hours (22.8 years).

And as I mentioned earlier..  we have a 2000 HP IN STOCK for immediate delivery.

We have a number of other medium voltage VFDs in stock, both new and reconditioned, all with warranty.  Presently we have from 400 to 3500 HP in stock. Some are brand new, and others are refurbished but all carry a complete warranty.

Interested buyers can see these units at our Norcross, GA (Atlanta area) facility by prior arrangement.  Just call 770-448-4644 to set this up.  We can also provide photographs and other other information.  Just call us.

In addition to selling arrange installation,  and provide startup service.

Yaskawa has a stellar reputation and is the world’s largest supplier of AC drives and motion control products.  EMA has enjoyed a relationship with Yaskawa for decades, and we find them to be an honest and reliable company.

If you need a 2000 HP medium voltage, 4160 VFD, then this Yaskawa MV1000 is for you.  We’re selling it first come first served, so call now.

We also repair/maintain  all brands of medium voltage VFDs, and carry stocks of power cells. Medium Voltage VFD Repair

Contact us via the web or call 770-448-4644.  No One, Anywhere, is Better at Drives than we are.


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