We repair GE Multilins 469, 750 and others

EMA repairs GE Multilins.  We repair the Multilin 469, we repair the Multilin 750 and most others. Repairing Multilins is not a new business for us, we’ve been repairing GE Multilins for some time now.

Multin RepairMultilin repair with EMA is easy; we don’t require an RMA, you can just ship to any of our locations on the bottom of this page, OR call 770-448-4644, or use any of the contact methods on the right of this page, including the live support.

Customers send the Multilin units to us from all over the country, and often tell us how happy they were to discover that we repair the Multilins.

It’s, overall, a reliable product, and well worth repairing when the unit  fails.  The Multilin can fail for a variety of reasons, including power line issues, software issue, mis-connection, and environmental issues such as getting wet.

Our standard turnaround time on repairing a GE Multilin is two weeks, but we can do rush repairs if the downtime is critical.

In addition to repairs, we offer tech support on the Mulitlin, and actually do field setup and programming.

The GE Multilin units are most often used on critical applications,  usually on large horsepower motors.  Running these applications without the GE Multilin monitoring critical functions such as current, winding temperatures, bearing temperatures, and other parameters  is very risky.  The units are not inexpensive, and although quite reliable, they do sometimes  fail.  When these important Multilin units fail, that’s when our GE Multilin repair service can be invaluable.

We’re very easy to use as a GE Multilin repair service.  Simply contact us by any of the methods on the right of this page, EMAIL us or call 770-448-4644.  We don’t require RMA s, and we will give you a firm quote.  We can also do rush repairs in critical situations.   Just call us.

EMA has the highest measured customer satisfaction rating within our industry, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied Multilin repair customers.  We also repair VFDs,  DC Drives, industrial touch screen monitors, and most other industrial electronics.  Read through our blog pages to get a feel for all of our services.

No-One, Anywhere, is better at drives (or Multilins) than we are!..


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