Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD ) Training

VFD training is one of our most requested services. The reason is obvious, maintenance people are being asked to do more and more with less and less. Equipment is much more reliable now, but also more complex, so VFD training is a worthwhile investment.

EMA built a national reputation repairing industrial electronics including VFD s, DC Drives, industrial monitors, power supplies, and printed circuit boards. In addition, we’ve been a leader in training maintenance staff on servicing their own equipment. EMA offers a wide range of training classes to help keep your plant or building running at its most efficient.

Our most frequent VFD training class is a two-day, hands-on, trouble-shooting seminar. We also offer half day and full day energy saving seminars, power quality seminars, and application specific training. These VFD classes are either taught at our facility, or if more convenient, at the customer site.

Our instructors have decades of hands- on experience in the field and in VFD training . If you or your people are in need of VFD training, then give us a call. The

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