Industrial VFD field service technician job opening

We have an opening in our Norcross, GA facility for an Industrial VFD service technician.  This is an interesting and rewarding job, where the VFD Field Service Technician will service, commission, and repair industrial electronics at our customers’ locations. 

VFD Field Service TechnicianIndustrial VFD Field Service Technicians with EMA are highly respected people within the industrial VFD marketplace.  We have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, are growing, and are aggressively seeking career oriented people to fill our industrial VFD field service technician openings. Email us at

An industrial VFD field service technician has valuable and marketable skills for today’s world.  Here at EMA, we treat our techs with the respect and honor due them.   It’s the backbone of our business.  I often tell people unfamiliar with the field of industrial VFD field service that you never find a person with these skills unemployed.  It’s a highly sought after set of skills.  And, here at EMA, we have the top people in the field.

IF you have a background in electronics, especially industrial electronics, get in touch with us.  Our ideal candidate has specific experience on VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) but we will train a sharp beginner.

In recent years, EMA has been doing more and more large horsepower and medium voltage VFD field service. Medium voltage VFDs are typically rated for either 2300 or 4160 vac, although we also find them occasionally at other voltages. Medium Voltage VFD field service is almost always on higher horsepower applications, since medium voltage VFDs are normally too expensive to use at lower ratings.

A VFDVFD startup or commissioning calls. Those are normally more involved than regular variable frequency drive field service calls. Very often one has to setup data communications, integrate into an existing system, and spend time tuning the VFD.

More often on VFD field service calls, the VFD has been running for some time, so the task is simply to repair what is wrong, check the tuning and systems operation, and get the customer’s VFD running again as quickly as possible.

We’re very blessed at EMA, to have a great customer satisfaction rating as regards VFD field service, and in fact, we have the highest rated customer satisfaction rating that we’re aware of within our industry.

We have several blogs on our site about specific VFD field service calls.. hit our BlOG page and look them over.

You can reach us conveniently by hitting any of the contact icons on the right, by clicking the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page, or by calling any of our offices- all listed at the bottom of this page. You can call us toll free within the United States at 800-848-2504.

No One, Anywhere, is better at drives than we are.. not a brag.. just a fact.. try us!

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