HVAC and Building Automation

HVAC VFD AC Drives by Yaskawa  (See a short video on the new Yaskawa Z1000)

Retrofitting HVAC air handler and pump systems with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) has been proven to generate substantial energy savings as compared to inlet-guide-vanes, valves, and other control methods.  EMA recently assisted in a case study with the HVAC system in a public building belonging to a county in the Southeast. The goal of the study was to accurately quantify energy savings.

In their case, they realized a reduction in energy usage of 72%–the cost savings from the reduced energy usage projected to pay for the cost of the system modifications in less than a year and a half.

EMA offers a range of Yaskawa variable frequency drives for sale and we do installations, maintenance, and repair of all brands of VFDs.  Contact us today to discuss how fitting your HVAC systems with new drives can drastically reduce energy consumption and subsequently cut costs as well.  EMA has Yaskawa drives in stock for immediate delivery.  Click HERE for a Yaskawa Z1000 Drive brochure (pdf)  Click HERE for a comparison of Yaskawa to ABB, Cutler Hammer, and Danfoss (note: large pdf file)

The Z1000 is a brand new drive, replacing the popular E7 drive.  Read our blog on this at Yaskawa’s new Z1000 VFD

We also carry the Yaskawa iQ Pump Controller.  An all in one cost efficient pump controller and vfd.  The iQPump makes everything from stand alone pumps to sophisticated multiplexed systems easy. Click HERE to download a brochure on the Yaskawa iQPump . (pdf)

Building Automation and Lighting Controls from Global Control Solutions.

EMA provides GCS (Global Control Solutions) building automation solutions, and we also provide service and perform repairs on these systems.

Building Automation

At EMA we strive to offer building automation solutions that not only help you save energy, but provide enhanced levels of comfort and control. We continually hear complaints about building control systems being too inflexible, too difficult to program , and hard to expand. To answer those concerns, EMA has teamed up with Global Control Systems (GCS) , a control systems company with 30 years in the industry.

Like EMA, GCS  is a customer oriented solution provider, that first asks what a customer wants, instead of telling them what they provide. Global Control Systems  are the easiest to program and change systems we’ve ever seen, coupled with great flexibility and reliability. EMA offers turnkey building automation systems, ranging from complete building controls, to incorporating new equipment, such as cooling towers and air handlers, into an existing control system.   To Download a GCS Building Automation Brochure, CLICK HERE (PDF File)

Lighting Controls

Controlling energy costs in a commercial building is all about managing power consumption. Lighting is often a large part of the facility’s energy usage, and lighting controls make intelligent decisions based on pre-determined criteria to reduce lighting load when it isn’t necessary. This can be as simple as switching lights off based on time schedules, to more sophisticated systems that measure occupancy and ambient light levels.

Again teaming up with GCS, EMA provides smart and cost effective turnkey lighting control systems. These systems are simple to program and control, install easily into existing buildings, and are part of an overall smart building plan.

Contact us today to discuss your building automation project and how we can help.

To download a GCS lighting brochure click Here (pdf file)