Flood Damaged VFD s/Electric Motors in New York and Pennsylvania

EMA has facilities in both upstate NY and central PA, but neither was affected by the recent flooding in the Northeast. We know that many of our customers did suffer flood damage in New York and Pennsylvania, and we offer our sincere condolences. Floods can cause extreme damage to VFD s, DC Drives, and other electrical equipment.

In addition to plants and facilities, we know that many of our customers have suffered personal losses as well. EMA stands ready to help with repairing or replacing damaged VFD s, Drives, and other equipment. We can assist in getting the facility back on line and in production Call 800-848-2504 or contact us via the contact blocks here in our website.

Floods are unpredictable and damaging. We’ll do all we can to lessen the stress that comes with them.

VFDs and other electrical equipment damaged by water can often be repaired. Sometimes, its as simple as being certain that transformers and contactor coils are dry and reading a high impedance to ground. Water damaged VFDs can have other issues, especially if they were powered up when water was introduced. In that case, repairing a water damaged VFD usually involves replacing damaged power components, and very often, either

repairing or replacing the circuit boards. Water usually damages VFDs initially by

providing a path to ground. Repairing water damage to VFD s requires simply determining what that damaged until the power was removed. That’s power damage.

As mentioned earlier, there can also be moisture damage, even if the power wasn’t applied. Again, this can be as simple as carefully drying theVFD , and megging it to ground. But, not always. Flood water is seldom clean, and contaminants are very often introduced that require significant cleaning before the VFD can be repowered. The same holds true for flood damaged DC Drives and motors.

Call us if we can be of assistance in getting you back up after flood damage.

Eddie Mayfield, President EMA Inc

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