Medium Voltage VFD Manufacturers (Medium Voltage Drives)

Here’s a list of Medium Voltage Drive (VFD) Manufacturers. Finding a good list of medium voltage drive (VFD) manufacturers isn’t as straight forward as you might imagine. Most of the sites that will show up on the searches are owned by the Medium Voltage VFD manufacturers, and even though they may contain valid information, they will be skewed toward that particular model.

We provide repair and field service on a lot of medium voltage drives, and here’s who we see in the market. Toshiba, Siemens (Robicon), WEG, Cutler Hammner (Eaton), ABB, Yaskawa, Ansaldo, GE, and Rockwell (Allen Bradley) right at the moment. (IF you require field service or assistance with a medium voltage VFD- hit any of the contact methods on the right, or CALL 800-848-2504800-848-2504)
This list of medium voltage VFD manufacturers may not be complete. but this list of MV VFD manufactures does include all the major players.

However, a patent held by Siemens on their Robicon product is expiring, and a slurry of new candidates with what we call “robo-clones” is expected into the mix during 2014. Among them are LSIS (LG), Schneider, and Vacon.

Robicon VFDWhile looking at the list of medium voltage VFD manufacturers; in the southeast, medium voltage VFDs have been dominated by Robicon, now part of Siemens. Their Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD is found in many water and waste water facilities. Robicon got in early, with a patented design, that includes a cell bypass feature upon power cell failure, and did a great job with marketing. We service a LOT of Siemens Robicon Drives, and in fact, even stock the power cells.

EMA Toshiba Medium Voltage VFDNext on the list of medium voltage VFD manufacturers is Toshiba. Toshiba is a popular drive. Toshiba’s design is more modernized than Siemens Robicon, and most people that have these in operation speak highly of the equipment. Toshiba T300 Mvi medium voltage VFDs (Click the link for information) come with the medium voltage switchgear included within the drive cabinet. This is a big advantage in some cases where you do not have existing mv switchgear in place. Toshiba does not use electrolytic caps in their power sections, which has been a maintenance issue on the older Robicon drives. (see replacing Bus Caps in Siemens Robicon) EMA both sells and services the Toshiba T300 MVI medium voltage VFD.

WEG MV01Another medium voltage VFD manufacturer is WEG. WEG has a good product, which is a different design from either Toshiba or Siemens Robicon, and has several successful installations here in the United States. WEG, like Toshiba, does not use electrolytic bus caps. (see commissioning a WEG MV Drive) . WEG is a wonderful company, and we have a longstanding service relationship with them.

A relative newcomer (at least to us) in the medium voltage VFD manufacturers is Cutler Hammer (Eaton). They have been very aggressive in their marketing efforts, and have had some success. ABB: We’ve seen a number of the ABB medium voltage VFDs used on marine propulsion systems. We have also seen them in water treatment facilities. ABB is a huge company, and you could not leave them out of a list of medium voltage VFD manufacturers.

Yaskawa has been manufacturing medium voltage VFDs in Japan for many years, but is a recent entry into the US market. Yaskawa is a company with a great reputation in low voltage drives, and will certainly be a major player in MV VFDs.

Ansaldo, an Italian drive manufacturer has a few very large drives in the United States. We looked at a 100,000 HP drive at a dam, the largest VFD we’ve ever seen. These are current source drives. We have a service relationship with Ansaldo.

GE was selling the Toshiba drive for some time, but has now joined the list of Medium Voltage VFD manufacturers with their own product.

powerflex7000The Rockwell Powerflex 7000 has been around a long time, it’s a current source drive, and it’s our understanding that Rockwell has purchased a Chinese company to build a Robo-Clone drive for sales here in the US. We’ve serviced a number of these units. The image is us on one in New York.

Schneider and LSIS (LG) are both medium voltage VFD manufacturers, and are in the process of introducing them into the United States. Per my knowledge, as of this writing, neither are being quoted here just yet. (For a blurb on the LSIS unit, click HERE) .

Here’s the bottom line.. the MV drive market is growing, and you can expect a number of new medium voltage drive (VFD) manufacturers to enter the fray. Remember, that we service, sell and refurbish medium voltage VFDs. Go google “medium voltage vfd repair” and you’ll see that we’re a major player. We enjoy in excess of a 98% customer rating and as far as we know, that’s the highest in the industry. Call 800-848-2504800-848-2504 OR hit any of the contact icons on the right if we can be of service.

I hope you’ve found this list of medium voltage drive (VFD) manufacturers helpful. If you have comments to add that will be helpful.. please do.

No-One, Anywhere, is better at drives than we are… no brag.. just fact..

(by the way.. want to see a funny video about a drive tech? Click HERE )

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