Toshiba T300Mvi Medium Voltage VFD in stock

EMA stocks the Toshiba T300MVI Medium Voltage VFD. We are accepting orders on these medium voltage VFDs now.

The Toshiba T300MVi Medium Voltage VFD is rated at 2000 HP, and in a Nema 1 enclosure. This is the standard Toshiba Medium Voltage drive with input switchgear, input vacuum contactors, and is rated for 248 amps at 4160 volts. The drive has a built in 24 pulse isolation transformer which makes for a quick and easy installation. (See HERE for more details). This medium voltage VFD can be tuned to work on a lower horsepower application as well.

EMA offers startup and installation assistance on the Toshiba T300Mvi medium voltage VFD. Contact us now for pricing and firm delivery information.

If you have an existing medium voltage VFD, we offer repair and field service on the Toshiba medium voltage VFD, the Siemens Robicon Perfect Harmonyu Medium Voltage VFD, the Allen Bradley Powerflex 7000 medium voltage VFD, and the WEG MV 1 Medium Voltage VFD.

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