Industrial Monitor (Touch Screen ) Repair

Many, if not most, industrial machines now use touch screens as the primary human machine interface (HMI). These touch screen monitors are often supplied by the equipment manufacturer, and often have no brand names associated with them.

Generally, these are industrial grade computers, with a monitor, and touch screen membrane. The software, while usually not complex, is specific to each machine. Many plants face problems when these fail, because the machine manufacturer may be offshore, and as is often the case, the particular monitor is no longer available.

This is more than a nuisance, because this can shut down an entire production line.

EMA began repairing industrial touch screen monitors some years ago. We had one customer that was sending theirs back to France for repair, with not only a significant repair cost, but a very long lead time. We were able to repair the touch screens locally, reinstall or modify the software when required, and keep the customer running.

We regularly repair Nematron, Allen Bradley Panel View, Sidel, Moog, and others.

If you have an industrial touch screen and would like to talk with us about repairing, contact your nearest EMA facility (phone numbers at bottom of page) or contact us online via the “CLICK HERE” icon at the top right of this page. You might also wish to visit our SHOP REPAIR page.

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One response to “Industrial Monitor (Touch Screen ) Repair”

  1. Derek Millwood says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you guys repair these. We’ve had numbers of them fail, and the machine OEM was charging us $15,000 each to replace them. I really wasn’t aware that these were repairable.


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